MiasDB Statistics(v1.2,2/2016)

The overall description of MiasDB

the number of interactions 938
the number of interactions took place in specified gene 538
the number of interactions not took place specified gene 400
the number of gene 131
the number of protein factors 342
the number of tissues 22
the number of diseases 22
the number of physical interaction 909
the number of functional interaction 29

The category and number of interactions

the number of SF-RNA 525
the number of PPI 413
the number of interaction between splicing factors and histone modification 21
the number of interaction related with kinase 75

NOTE:21 interactions involved with histone modification and 75 interactions involved with kinases were included in PPI.

The number of items of different splicing pattern

ES 411
MEE 65
A5SS 17
A3SS 8
IR 22
ALE 11
NA 399

NOTE: The ES, MEE, 5SS, 3SS, IR, AFE and ALE denote the splicing patterns of exon skipping,mutually exclusive exon, alternative 5’ splice site, alternative 3’ splice site, intron retention, alternative first exon, and alternative last exon, respectively. The β€˜NA’ denotes the splicing pattern is uncertain.