MiasDB: A database of biomolecular interactions associated with alternative splicing in human

Alternative splicing (AS) is pervasive in human multi-exon genes and is a major contributor to expansion of the transcriptome and proteome diversity. The accurate recognition of alternative splice sites is regulated by information contained in networks of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions. However, the mechanisms leading to splice site selection are not fully understood. Although numerous databases have been built to describe AS, molecular interaction databases associated with AS have only recently emerged. In this study, we present a new database, MiasDB, that provides a description of molecular interactions associated with human AS events. The database covers 938 interactions between human splicing factors, RNA elements, transcription factors, kinases and modified histones for 173 human AS events. Every entry includes the interaction partners, interaction type, experimental methods, AS type, tissue specificity or disease-relevant information, a simple description of the functionally tested interaction in the AS event and references. The database can be queried easily using a web server ( We display some interaction figures for several genes. With this database, users can view the regulation network describing AS events for 12 given genes.